Options Offer to Slope Readers

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About 15 years ago, when I was running my company Prophet Financial Systems, a brilliant young man with a freshly-minted Stanford graduate degree was starting an options software company and needed live data. He came to Prophet and we established a business relationship which was positive for both parties.

That same brilliant (but now older, just like all of us!) man, Ophir Gottlieb, has gone on to create an extraordinary platform that back-tests and scans for options opportunities called CML TradeMachine Pro. Based on our long history together, Ophir has kindly offered my readers here on Slope a 40% discount on the service (which is in effect for life) by signing up here. For those of you who are options traders, I heartily urge you to check it out. Here’s a video that really walks you through it:

Here are some screenshots, although again I encourage you to watch the video above.