Polyamory in SlopeCharts

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I am extremely pleased to let you know there is another drawing tool in SlopeCharts, and it is one I’ve been eager to see for a while: the polygon tool.

This new tool is the rightmost on the drawing tools palette.


When you choose it, you start by clicking on the first anchor point on the chart. Then move your mouse, click the second anchor point – – and then the third, the fourth, the fifth, or however many you want.

Once you are done, double-click your final anchor point, and it will connect it to the first. In other words, you don’t have to find your way back to the original anchor point. Just click the mouse twice, and voila:


I’ve made a short, silent video to illustrate this, using a diamond pattern as an example.

I honestly cannot believe how good SlopeCharts is. In my opinion, it passed the capabilities and ease-of-use of ProphetCharts long ago, and unlike ProphetCharts, which has already received its death sentence, SlopeCharts is just going to keep getting improved. So use it, damn it, because otherwise you’re shortchanging yourself. Sheesh.