The Only Chart I’m Bullish

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There’s only one thing I’m bullish about, and that is Premium Memberships – – the actual chart of recent subscription numbers is shown below (with the axis label hidden, for the sake of privacy). As you can see, all the improvements are really starting to increase interest in Slope. In fact, I took this picture yesterday, and it doesn’t reflect a spike higher today. So it’s very gratifying for all the hard work I’ve put into this site.

If you want short-sale ideas that you simply won’t see anywhere else, I urge you to check out a Gold or Diamond membership – – or any of the other offerings available on our Premium Memberships page!

I also want to offer up my sincere thanks to those here, particularly those who are on Slope day in, day out, no matter what the market is doing. Traffic always SURGES during selloffs (I think of them as my ‘foul weather friends”), but it’s those of you who are with me during the dark, awful times of market strength and lifetime highs that I appreciate the most.

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