The Week Before Us

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I just published what I believe will be a potentially valuable road map for next week: 11 major index charts showing what I believe are likely target areas for the next bounce. Here is an example:


Although I usually do “premium” posts only for Gold and Diamond members, I am encouraging membership in the Bronze and Silver levels these days too, since the ever-increasing list of features makes them a great value. Please examine this table to see what features come with each level. If you’re not a member yet, you can sign up now by clicking the appropriate link, which will give you immediate access to the post that came out just minutes ago:

Just about the only bull market left standing these days is the quantity of Slope Subscriptions (shown below), which is terrific. I’m very excited about where Slope is heading, and I can assure you we’re just going to keep adding more features to the site.


For those of you who are already premium members, here’s the post!