To Boldly Go…..

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There is no product of media that has had more influence in my life than the original Star Trek series. I watched the show incessantly as a child via reruns, but it has been a long time since I’ve really spent time watching the episodes in detail. Having done so recently, the experience is naturally an enormous contrast with what I experienced as a kid.

The special effects are obviously quite primitive, the technology references are woefully outdated, and the writing is uneven, varying from superb to absolutely awful.

The biggest shock for me, however, was the sex. It’s EVERYWHERE in the show. Easily one-third of the episodes are almost entirely driven by some kind of love interest, and it isn’t just Kirk. Most of the male crew members have got it goin’ on at some point or another with human women, alien women, green-skinned women, and even robots (that look like women).

I’m sure I spent far more time om this than I should have, but………….. after.........Factoid
What Are Little Girls Made Of?

Truly one of the greatest costumes ever designed.
City of the Edge of Forever

Young Joan Collins was the stuff of every male fantasy
Mirror, Mirror

George Takei didn't convince me, even then
Space Seed

The setup, of course, for Wrath of Khan
Amok Time

Every seven years, Vulcans go completely horndog
Charlie X

Yeoman Rand shows how to ice out a guy
All Our Yesterdays

Quite an outfit she has, living by herself and all
Who Mourns for Adonis?

When he become a giant, was he wearing undies?
I, Mudd

They allude to robot sex about five times in this episode
The Cloud Miners

Spock is heavily tempted by this babe
Spectre of the Gun

Poor Chekov gets the least-attractive one
Shore Leave

McCoy is the kind of man who goes for fuzzy bikinis
This Side of Paradise

It gets weird seeing Spock smiling and kissing
For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky

A rare hookup for McCoy
The Gamesters of Triskelion

An honest-to-God porn star in an episode
Requiem for Methuselah

Actually, the girl initially goes after Spock
The Cage

Yep, this is the woman who is equally attractive with green skin
Plato's Stepchildren

Television history is made with the first black/white kiss
The Paradise Syndrome

Kirk goes Native American (includes pregnancy)
The Way to Eden

Chekov finds a lost love from this Academy days
Wolf in the Fold

Coolest part: features guy who also did Winnie the Pooh's voice

One thing is for sure: there one was thing on Gene Roddenberry’s mind more than anything else.