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The charts I create are deliberately simple. This stands in sharp contrast to the charts of other technicians – – including some who post here – – which are covered with all manner of dazzling indicators, colors, and “rules”. I suppose some people are dazzled with complicated charts. I personally find them to be messy and useless, which is why I stick to my very simple lines and minimalism. It’s all my limited cranial capacity can handle.

All the same, it is during months like this that I appreciate the soft-spoken simplicity of my little charts and their markups, because I believe they have been an effective map in navigating such treacherous waters. My premium members are all too acquainted with my MICE graph which, in spite of my declaration that it’s the Most Important Chart Ever, is about the simplest drawing imaginable.

So if you like lots of colorful indicators and gyrating lines slathered onto a chart, my renderings might not be your cup of tea. For the rest of you, I hope they’ve proved to be of aid.