Make a Good Thing Better

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I’m pleased to see people are continuing to use and experiment with SlopeRules. We’re continuing to develop the product behind the scenes, and I’ll keep you posted on new improvements.

As I was looking at the Search page, something caught my eye. Sloper AndrewA had apparently taken one of my rule sets and improved it.


I was terribly impressed with the results of his work. I ran his SlopeRules against my “Bull Pen” watchlist, and it definitely outperformed my own efforts.


What I found particularly intriguing is that, for the most powerful stock performers, these SlopeRules actually recommended being OUT of the stocks at the moment. Interesting!


We can see that reflected, for example, with Cisco. As you may remember, one of the features of SlopeRules is that it actually shows you where hypothetical trades would have taken place. It exited its last trade a while ago.


Having a simple creation of mine improved upon reminds me of this favorite movie scene.

Finally, a reminder that SlopeRules Alerts have started shipping out each afternoon via email (and even if you get no “hits”, you’ll be notified of that fact). You can set up and easily manage your alerts on this page.