The Breaking Point

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I have a rather unique vantage point as the owner of this little corner of the Internet. People from various parts of the world know me by way of Slope as well as my show on tastytrade, and some of the bears among them (God love ’em) consider me their ursine patron saint, so when things are going badly (like, oh, the past six weeks nonstop) they reach out to me.

Well, last night, this is pretty much what I experienced:

Out of the blue, emails came tumbling in from multiple countries from bears who had just given up hope. They were frustrated, angry, despondent – – you name it. These emails were unprompted. It’s as if some kind of collective breaking point had been reached among these poor souls, and they all sent me a message.

Let’s see if it winds up meaning anything. I find it touching that some of these folks ask me to do something about it, as if I had any control over this world. Is Jerome Powell awaiting his execution at this moment? Nope? Well then you know I’m not pulling the strings. 

We’re in a world now where even Gartman is long, strong, and correct. Truly upside-down.