On the Contrary

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Here’s a long idea which is a pretty odd one, even for me, but I’ll offer it up anyway: General Electric. First, take a very long-term view of this battered critter. Pay particular attention to the fact that it seems to have found some support on that lowest trendline, which it briefly broke.

slopechart GE

Looking closer, you can observe how it has hammered out a small bullish base and has successfully tested its breakout two times. As long as it can hold above $9, this looks intriguing.

slopechart GE

Using the expanded Summary page from SlopeCharts, you can see how the devil himself offered up the same “Buy” signal as was offered on the entire S&P 500 back in March 2009.


As icing on the cake, for the moment anyway, it pays a handsome dividend.