Humble Beginnings

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Well, I suppose the non-event of the Mueller report is going on right now. I’m not even checking. And I daresay newspapers will be dissecting every non-redacted word throughout the weekend. Yawn.

Anyway, it’s a green day once again, with both ES and NQ up. I will point out that the ES has changed its relationship with its December 26 trendline, however, as it is now battling the line as an area of resistance. Nothing earth-shaking, just worth noting.


Two “unicorn” companies come public today – Zoom (symbol ZM) and Pinterest (PINS). I didn’t realize this until this morning, but apparently Pinterest started in 2010 right across the street from what used to be Prophet’s office. I took a picture of these humble beginnings a few minutes ago (that’s the reflection of my car) just for the hell of it.