Jolly Olde Data

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I should probably be embarrassed at how much fun I had going through the economic charts in SlopeCharts over the weekend, but damn it all, I won’t be. I’ve extracted some of my favorite charts from the old United Kingdom data, which as an amateur historian I find absolutely fascinating. Just look at the charts and imagine what was going on during the time, whether it was the American Revolution, the worldwide Depression of the early 1930s, or either of the World Wars. Mesmerizing! (As always, click on any chart for a MUCH bigger version, and you can take note of what it is you are looking at by the title in the upper left corner).

Government Consumption
Unemployment Rate (clearly war is good for jobs)
Average Hours Worked in a Week
Wholesale Prices
Treasury Bill Discount Rate
US/Britain Exchange Rate
Share Prices in the UK
Interest Rate for Personal Loans
Balance Sheet
Current Account