A Matter of Scale

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OK, it’s random gripe time. I picked up a copy of the Bangkok Times, and when I got to the business section, there was an article about some economic data from China that had come out. It included this graph:


In my head, I shrieked “Ai-eeeeee!” because this kind of thing drives me bananas. You probably know why: the price-axis scale is utterly wrong!

See, if you’re trying to represent something that has a range of, oh, say, 95 to 105, there is absolutely no need to start and 0 and end at 110. I mean, how would you like it if SlopeCharts had a price scale of $0 to $100,000 for everything it charted? Yet as insane as this is, newspapers seem to have a penchant for using utterly ridiculous scales which yield lines that are little better that a horizontal. Ridiculous!

OK, now that my pointless rant is over, I will say that, typical me, I’m making friends with any dogs I encounter here. Below is a deaf 17 year old gal that jumped right in my lap. They know a dog guy when they see one.