Fifty Years of Inertia

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With the 50th anniversary of the first manned moon landing upon us, the local paper did a reprint of their front page from that day:

What I found most interesting, however, were the four other stories that also appeared on the front page. Specifically:

  • An article about negotiations with China about trade with the United States;
  • Shocking revelations about Ted Kennedy abandoning a lady-friend to drown at Chappaquiddick;
  • Political repercussions to the Democrats for the Kennedy story;
  • News about Israel lobbing mortar shells to Palestinians

So if I told you I was reading a newspaper which had:

  1. A story about China/US trade talks;
  2. A political scandal with sexual overtones;
  3. Discord among the Democratic party; and
  4. Reports about Israel bombing their neighbors

I don’t suppose you’d assume it was anything but today’s edition, right? Except for the cool part about brave men doing something amazing and heroic.