Heaven 57 (Part 3 of 4)

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Preface to all four parts: I have 57 short positions, 55 of which are profitable (which is pretty cool, since the market was at a lifetime high on Friday). I have broken these SlopeCharts up into four roughly-equal presentations, zoomed in to the portion I feel is most germane. Parts 2 and 4 are only accessible by Gold and Diamond members, and as always, clicking on any chart brings up a huge image (and you can use the arrows on the chart to navigate through the set).

slopechart LAD
slopechart LAMR
slopechart LEN
slopechart MAS
slopechart MDCO
slopechart MDR
slopechart MEOH
slopechart MET
slopechart MMM
slopechart MTG
slopechart MU
slopechart NFLX
slopechart OSTK
slopechart PNC