Rocking the CAT-BA

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Last night, we took care of what I believe were the last serious headaches from the server upgrade/move last week. Specifically:

  • The automatic update features in comments is restored;
  • Some folks were having trouble in comments (replying, upvoting, etc.) and those have been confirmed fixed;
  • The “NaN” in the technical studies is fixed

From what I can tell, the only remaining task is for the online documentation to “catch up” to all the changes we’ve made in SlopeCharts, which I’ve been going page by page. I’m about 40% done, and I should be 100% done by end-of-day tomorrow at the latest. So it’s a good feeling that all this tidying up is finally getting done.

As for the markets, yesterday flat-out stunk for me, with the combination of strong banks and the ridiculous China-trade-news-number-eight-billion hitting the wires. This morning, the atmosphere is more bearish, with D.C. breathing down the necks of high tech again (I am short GOOGL and AAPL) as wel as some lame-oh earnings from the likes of Boeing……..

…….and Caterpillar:

The snare drums are getting louder, though, as a hodgepodge of big events are coming within days. Notably:

  • Huge earnings announcements on Thursday after the close, such as from Alphabet and Amazon;
  • Next Wednesday’s Fed announcement;
  • Whatever news comes out of the China trip (which, I am guessing, will be the billionth time that’ll they’ll announce they’re 90% done and are still talking);
  • Apple’s earnings on Tuesday.