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Interesting morning so far. I haven’t had the time or interest yet to figure out why everything turned on a dime a few minutes after the open and started plunging. I’ve still got my morning paper to enjoy.

In the meanwhile, I’ll mention one of my shorts – Domino’s Pizza. Back when I was in college, Domino’s is what you ate when there was absolutely no other choice whatsoever. Even college kids it was the worst pizza in the world. I’m not sure what happened, but DPZ, the stock, went on to create gains of thousands and thousands of percent. The stock was a complete monster. Recently, however, the monster has started to falter.

My entry was at 258.66 and I’ve updated my stop to 255.15. It seems a pretty easy path to at least that supporting horizontal located at 215.

Time for a bite of breakfast and the Daily Post. See you soon.

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