Taipei and Human Codes

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Greetings from Taipei, Taiwan. I’ve never set foot on this island until now, and frankly, the 13 hour plane flight was much easier than I expected (failed WiFi notwithstanding).


The agonizing thing about the timing of the plane’s WiFi failure can be shown below. The yellow tint represents when I was “blind” and had absolutely no idea what was going on in the market at all. Of course, just before it failed, the ES was rapidly strengthening, and I was muttering all kinds of obscenities. I was bracing myself for a miserable result when I got WiFi back. On the contrary, it was like Christmas morning: the profit was one of the best of 2019! And, of course, since I can never be happy, I told myself that I wished WiFi was on so I could have shorted even more. Feh.


Anyway, I have only completed 1 of the 3 legs of this air journey, although this was by far the longest one. Thus, I’m going to continue to be out of pocket until Phuket, as it were. I will share with you two pithy observations, however, and they are related.

One of them has to do with speaking. In my experience, it’s as if all of us has a code. Let’s say there are 50 distinct codes, and you almost never will encounter someone with the same code. So I’m a 12 and you’re a 35. Or Dutch is a 13 and Bishop of Battle if a 40. And so forth.

These codes permit us to speak with one another with ease. I say blah blah blah, and I pause for a millisecond, and you jump in at just the right moment. We can even occasionally talk over one another without feeling frustrated, because it’s part of the badminton of the conversation. Back and forth, we exchange sentences smoothly and communicate freely. It works.

On occasion, you run into someone with the same code as yourself. This happens to me only every couple of years, but when it does, it drives me BA-NA-NAS. It happened the other day when I was dealing with a pretty serious technical issue. I was frustrated enough, but the network engineer on the telephone had my conversation code, and oh my GOD we were constantly talking at exactly the same time. It’s not because either of us are idiots or evil. We just had identical conversation codes, and I even explained this to him (God knows what he was thinking of me at that point), and things went somewhat better after that.

Whereas there might be 50 or 100 conversation settings amongst us, there is another setting which I think is more binary, and that is leadership. My simplistic thought is that there are leaders and followers. Let me state out the outset, and I want to be emphatic about this, that I don’t put one above this other (I particularly want to stress this since I consider myself in the leader category, and I seriously don’t want to come off as a blowhard. Honest).

Most people are followers. A few people are leaders. That’s because having half leaders and half followers would be ridiculous. A group of people needs a person who is willing to take responsibility for the welfare of the group. Sometimes the job sucks. Sometimes it provides a moment of glory. But I think you’re either born that way, or you aren’t. and the honorable thing to do is to execute your role to the best of your ability, whatever that station might be.

And that concludes a post with absolutely no trading ideas. Travel tends to make me think of things besides charts.