Earnings Bursts

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Although the day session was boring, there are plenty of fireworks after hours. Here are three of them. First up, is Tesla. A moment of silence, please, for any bears short this beast. This is one of those, like Amazon, that I just avoid. Too many surprises.


Here’s the daily chart (I’m typing this Wednesday evening, so it doesn’t show the after-hours action).

slopechart TSLA

A particular surprise to me was Paypal which, like Tesla, I mercifully was not short.


When I looked at the daily chart, it truly seemed to have topped out. We’ll see how the action plays out during normal hours Thursday. There might still be an interesting play here.

slopechart PYPL

Least surprising was Microsoft, which has become less exciting than a local utility stock. It just keeps gently cruising higher. After earnings, the stock is little changed from where it was at the start of Wednesday.


You can see “steady Eddie” on a daily chart, barely bothering to catch its breath.

slopechart MSFT