How to Be a Bond Bull?

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Stand next to me and help me think through something. Perhaps we can learn something together, particularly if some Slopers chime in.

I believe that bonds, represented by TLT, are going to rise. Here’s the chart with relatively recent data.

slopechart TLT

So let’s deploy the tools at our disposal. We first glance at SOAP to see what a bull spread might look like, using 138/142:


We then pop over to the tastyworks platform to see what the trade construction might look like.


But looking at the order, the bid/ask spread is wide enough for Oprah Winfrey to walk through without trouble, maybe even with Stedman Graham by her side.


Looking at TradeMachine Pro, we get the same warning.


So what to do? If you believe TLT was heading higher, how might you construct something sensible?