Mr. Xi’s Wild Ride

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Good God Almighty! I seriously thought we were done with this. I was driving at the time, so I’m glad I wasn’t staring at an ES chart during this mayhem, but………..IMHO OMG:


So we had the “China deal is off” plunge. And then a virtual entire recovery (I haven’t even see news on this, incredibly). And then a re-plunge!!

I did a post to the Gold and Diamond members on Slope, God bless them all, which basically brought to their attention these solid “zones” within which they are trading. I’m not claiming to have called the bottom, but I definitely suggested the importance of being at the bottom of that range!!!

UPDATE: And up again! YIKES! I’m not going to update this all night long. Things have gone haywire. Are the sides meeting all through the night?