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Greetings from the United Club lounge at the Denver International Airport. Good Lord, this place stinks. I mean, OK, it’s actually clean and nice, but the American Express Centurion Club totally spoils me. The food there is seriously high-end restaurant level. Here you get carrots and hummus. All right, enough whining. Time for a quick post.

I am about to get on the second leg of my flight (I won’t tell you where, but it’s even less exotic than Denver), and I’m going to spend my plane time looking at allllllllllllllll the comments over the past couple of days. It will help me think through this “should I make comments for premium only?” question. You can read about my rumination here in case you missed the prior post.

On the one hand, the market is extremely strong, and it has sucked to be a bear for a while. On the other, it is kind of interesting that in spite of literally one trillion dollars in new QE being thrown at the market annually, we haven’t even bothered making new highs. It’s just kind of grinding along on the ES…..


……and the NQ:


The same can be side for the likes of Netflix. The glory days seem over. Yes, it went higher today. However, (a) it opened near the high and closed near its low (b) it is light years away from its lifetime high.

As for myself, I’ve been keeping it “light” lately, at about 130% committed. As for my attempts at spread trading, frankly, it’s boring. It kind of reminds me of my attempt at NADEX. It’s relatively stable, but sheesh, what a bore. But I’ve got to say, I’m much more optimistic about the outcome of the new options strategies than I am about the likes of binary trading.

I’ve got a flight to catch, but I’ve got a pretty cool personal essay waiting in the wings that I’ll roll out tomorrow.