Pity the Millennials

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I’m not quite ready to open up a GoFundMe campaign yet, but this has got to hurt:

Yes, yes, it’s true. There are some overpaid twenty-somethings out there who may not have immediate access to fruit water. But considering the countless billions of dollars that soon-to-be-bankrupt WeWork has experienced, you’ve got to start cutting costs somewhere. There’s more.

One glance at their S-1 makes plain that this is not an organization in any position to be buying fruit water (and keep in mind, these figures shown are in thousands of dollars):

There’s just one guy not worried about this in the least, and that is successful fraudster Adam Neumann, who managed to personally fleece investors out of three quarters of a billion dollars, which has shoved right into his pocket, all while preaching about spirituality.

And keep in mind, this fellow who goes to the press about keeping his ego in check also had announced he would be the world’s first trillionaire. How this guy hasn’t had his throat slit by investors already is beyond me.

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