So Much Slope

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Indulge me for a minute – literally a minute – and click on the image below. Allow it to play, which takes, like I said, a minute (if that). There’s no audio, so don’t worry about disturbing anyone.

The reason I made this little movie, if you can call it that, is to make a point: even I had lost sight of just how much content Slope has.

I’m not talking about the nearly 25,000 (yes, twenty-five thousand) posts. I’m talking about the discrete functions, features, bells & whistles all over the site. I never sought to re-create, but I have done so, only there’s more to it. All with about 2% of the resources I had when I built Prophet.

Don’t get stuck in one part of Slope. There’s a lot more to it. My goal these days isn’t so much to build new things as it is to better integrate the content we’ve already got, so that it becomes impossible to miss. I think everyone already gets the point that I’m strengthening the options-oriented offerings, but there’s plenty more going on besides just that.

So while the above little frolic may seem like I’m showboating, I’m not. It is sincerely to remind you of the mountains of goodies on the site and to encourage you to make use them. They are, after all, built for you. Thank you for being here!