The Undiscovered Country

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My virgin foray into options spread trading began yesterday, which I discussed in this post (and, I confess, I am anxious to read its comments, but I haven’t made the time yet). I’ve got to say, even with the batshit crazy price action this morning, this little spread has been chugging along, being boring and profitable…… spreadsheet is simple at this point, but, hey, I’m just starting. I’ve actually got two spreads on, thanks to some of the remarks from helpful Slopers.


And, primitive as it is right now, SlopeCharts is showing me the positions from my broker. This is going to get a lot better, I promise.


At the moment, I have 60 short positions, and 59 of them are in the green (the one loser is literally down 0.2%). I am now the last bear on planet earth. My former brother-in-arms, xTrends, has totally left the reservation.