Two Good Spreads

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For obvious reasons, I’m taking it kind of easy in this Kafka-esque market we’re in. I cannot wait………let me say that again – – Can……… Not…….. Wait….. for the good people for the Chinese delegation to hop on a plane and go home. This has become just absurd.

In the meanwhile, I’ve got to say my interest-sensitive put spreads are doing nicely. I’ve marked in green where I bought the puts and magenta where I sold them. I’m up to about 35% of its potential profit now.

The XLU spread is also doing well, and I’ve likewise marked the long put and short put points on the chart.

I’m probably going to be laying relatively low here on Slope until we reach some kind of denouement on this trade deal. Let’s face it, it’s all just a guess at this point.

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