Start or Finish?

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The time shift is still making my sleep cycle crazy, so I’m getting up at 2 a.m., wondering what to do. Why not………..SlopeCharts? Sure.

Here’s an interesting one. It shows an overlay of the SPY with the S&P 500 earnings. (Click on it for a super-big version). Pretty cool, in my opinion.


More short-term, let’s take a look at the big fight-back the bulls executed over the past couple of days. They still have more work to do if they want to overcome that bout of selling that took place just prior. Below are three major cash indexes on a candlestick basis, illustrating how all the buying excitement, thus far, has simply been undoing a portion of the damage, but not demonstrably establishing any kind of important new leg up in values.

slopechart COMP
slopechart RUT
slopechart TRAN