Swat Down

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It is so, so, so good to be home. I am a notorious homebody. If I were convicted to house arrest for the rest of my life, I would be totally OK with that. I love being home with my dogs and my computers. I need never go anywhere. As my mother might say, I have zero gypsy in me.

Anyway, I’m also glad to see that the equity market, which once again disgustingly reached the highest level in the history of the universe, got smacked down. Even better, it’s doing so for no particular reason. It’s just………weakening:


With Gartman now leaving, I was wondering who we were going to turn to for signals. I think our own President, bizarrely worshiped here by many manly men, gun-toting men, virile men, on my own gentle, left-leaning website. There has been a vomit-inducing abundance of braggadocio about record highs (as if he made them happen personally), which I think is a pretty goddamned good indicator. I doubt he was very chatty about equities twelve months ago, when the market actually was cheap.