Tool Operator

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In 2005, Slope was just a simple off-the-shelf blog. It took me about ten minutes to create it and get started. Now, nearly 15 years later, it is a complex website full of tools, and I have been increasingly disturbed that many of our greatest creations are getting lost in the maze.

Thus, my focus in 2020 is on integration and visibility. This involves a lot of tiny steps. For example, in the name of visibility, I have added two more “Hot Links” to SlopeCharts: the Download icon and the Relative Rotation icon. In fact, having the Relative Rotation in SlopeCharts is a new feature itself, since it will produce an independent window of the RRG for that specific symbol.


Another example of “visibility” is the Extra Chart Space function. This must be one of the most important features in the program, yet until now the only way to get to it was by realizing the tiny little icon in SlopeCharts did something. Now it is front-and-center on the Display menu.


The biggest change of all is the Tools menu, which is now stuffed to the gills with features. We’ve also added the “(Show)” and “(Hide”) demarcations where appropriate, to make clear what features are in use.


I dedicate this post to one of my favorite MST3K shorts, in particular, the joke at four minutes and 25 seconds.