Iowa Kaka

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What a mess.

See, I really like watching politics. This is going to be an amazing year for political theater, and I’ve actually been anticipating the Iowa caucus for months. The results were supposed to be out by 5:30 p.m. my time, so I started hitting the refresh screen starting a few minutes before then.

After trying to get an update for hours, with no results presenting themselves, it was clear to me that something was seriously messed up. Turns out that the heart of the matter was a completely screwed-up app developed by a company called Shadow. The headlines have been tumbling out all morning……..


Apparently the Dem party spent over $60,000 (which is a ridiculous and laughable amount for a simple app………..) to these clowns, and it was a total shit-show.


I tried looking around for more information, and stumbled upon a Great Moment in Pop-Up Advertising in the process.


Anyway, it’s quite apparent that Shadow, which was founded by some Hillary fans, and evidently got some sweet, sweet cash from the aforementioned Pete Butt, is now Ground Zero for the Bernie Bros, who want to burn the place to the ground. I glanced at Shadow’s site, and there are weird screw-ups everywhere, including this inexplicable bit of digital detritus:


Of course, if you’re in a high-tech business, probably the last group of people you want to piss off is a bunch of Bernie Bros, but that’s exactly what Shadow has managed to do. Any social media coming within Shadow’s ZIP code is getting the treatment.


The founder of Shadow, Gerard Neimira, has understandably made his Twitter account private (but at least it hasn’t been banned, like our friends at ZH!) I suppose Gerard thought he was being cute when he put this image front and center on his Twitter page. How right he was.