Slopolitics of Hope

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In ten months, the election of 2020 will be over. All the Representatives will have been elected. Thirty-three Senate races will be done. And, of course, the Big Kahuna, the Presidential Race will be over. We’ll have have the current occupant another four years or his replacement.

I have a lifelong interest in politics, but some months ago, for a variety of reasons, I decided to engage in a self-imposed gag order on my own political talk. I’d say I’ve been rather successful at it. Except for an occasional outburst here or there, I rarely comment on politics here on Slope, and I certainly don’t do posts about it. (I don’t follow the same rule-set on my Twitter feed, but I consider that realm to be the wild west anyway, and not my own forum).

At first, I kind of resented not talking about politics. Rather deeply. But, after a while, I found the whole thing to be rather a relief. More important than that, I think we need to collectively realize a few things.

  1. No one is going to change anyone else’s mind. No one arguing politics is “on the fence.” They feel strongly about whatever it is they are discussing.
  2. It’s just going to cause discord. Why spend time and energy on something which not only will not achieve a goal (the aforementioned changing-of-mind) but will just cause sour feelings in general?
  3. It isn’t why we’re here. As has been often pointed out, Slope is a website devoted to charting, trading, and discussion about finance in general.

Indeed, if you are itching to talk politics, there are all manner of sites dedicated to it. I present to you three of them:

Thus, I pledge once more to keep my yap shut about my political points of view until after the election is over (at which time I may or may not allow myself a brief interlude). My hope is that you’ll do the same. This isn’t some kind of ban – – as I’ve said, I can’t stand censorship – – but I’d like to try to infuse into the culture here a sense of proper subject matter, and I am hoping some form of leadership on my part will contribute toward that end.