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Ha! After eleven years of a central-bank-fueled market, the one-two punch of a worldwide pandemic and AAPL withdrawal of guidance was just what the bears needed to destroy this market! BWA HA HA! Oh, wait……


Umm. Well. What about the NASDAQ Composite?


Ohhhhhhhhh kay.

I’m feeling saucy about it, because I had a profitable day, and my GLD calls went up over 50%. I remain aggressively short with 62 positions, and I have virtually no portfolio buying power left at all.

I’m reading some of you talk about how “bearish” everyone is. Umm, what? What are you talking about? Every single sentiment indicator you can find shows that people are ga-ga- crazy about stocks. I mean, just because I’m a permabear pain in the ass doesn’t mean “everyone” is bearish. It’s just me. One guy. One guy out of 8 billion. The other 7,999,999,999 are raving bulls.

If you don’t believe me, look at the short interest on the SPY. Does this look like people are bearish to you? Give me a break.

Anyway, I remain completely full of piss and vinegar. The Fed is the enemy. Who, by the way, was obviously (OBVIOUSLY) the reason stocks can “saved” again today, because the limp-wristed, antique-shopping hair-dressing bulls are too weak and spineless to sustain even a tiny loss. So it’s Jerome to the rescue:


And in case it isn’t clear who these sons of bitches are serving……..it’s us! Yay!


I hope Jerome Powell burns in hell, but I don’t want him to be alone. I want him to have a constant companion for all eternity. I nominate:


Never has a face captured how I feel about the stock market. Well done.