An Algo Like No Other

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I don’t tend to interact with others much. The only folks I email regularly are those doing development work for me, and anyone who knows me knows that I’ll never have a conversation on the phone. Of course, I receive plenty of emails, and 99.9% of them are either neutral or pleasant, although there are exceptions, like this gem from yesterday:


So the guy set up a free account only to cancel it the next day and put in a bitchy reason for doing so? OK!

In any event, there is one person – – just one – – that I interact with on a personal basis regularly. He’s a Sloper himself, although I don’t think he comes to the site much. We have a long history together, although we’ve never met and never spoken.

I have alluded to him before as the “shoulder I cry on”, and I’ve done the same for him. Most of our emails are us griping about this or that. You may find it hard to believe, but I heavily filter myself here on Slope. With this fellow, the filters are turned off.

One curious phenomenon about these interactions is the Bitchy Tim Signal. In short, whenever I send this chap a completely whiny email about woe-is-me, the-market-sucks, and that sort of thing, you can pretty much count on the market turning lower virtually instantly.

I don’t have to cherry pick examples, either. Over the past three days, I’ve sent him one whiny email each day. They are as follows; you’ll have to excuse the language, because these were never meant for public consumption. Here is Tuesday:




And today, Thursday:


It almost goes without saying what happened next. I have very precisely marked with a tint when each of these emails was sent.


If I had once ounce of self-awareness, I’d plug my brain into a data feed and sell access to it. I bet my buddy is making a fortune off of my emotional signals. It certainly is good at picking turning points.

Anyway, I decided earlier today not to pile back into shorts again. This “toggling” market is starting to drive me nuts, and I need to see meaningful signs of a true breakdown before I get aggressive again.