Big Picture Monday

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Preface to all three parts: This is going to be a quiet weekend, so I am sharing my 45 short positions in three equal parts. I have made a point of showing the entire graph, so you get the “big picture” view (click any chart to enter gallery mode for huge charts). I must say, as nettlesome as the market has been, these are all really beautiful setups.

slopechart ORLY
slopechart PKG
slopechart PLD
slopechart ROKU
slopechart SSP
slopechart SU
slopechart SUN
slopechart SYK
slopechart TAST
slopechart TKR
slopechart VMW
slopechart WEN
slopechart WHR
slopechart WMB
slopechart WSM