Volatility Improved

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Tonight I wanted to let you know about two improvements in SlopeCharts.

The first has to do with our Volatility feature, which is now presented as a sub-menu:


The dialog box looks the same except for two related changes: first, there is now as Save As Set button, and second, there is a Sets tab in the dialog box. As you have certain divined by now, you can now preserve volatility settings into various sets, which radically increases the speed and flexibility when you use this feature.


As of this moment, none of you have any sets, but that’s easily remedied. Just choose whatever settings you want for volatility, click Save As Set, give it a name, and voila, you’re done. The sets you create can be seen via the Sets tab, such as these three I made for myself:


And, in turn, whatever sets you create will be instantly accessible via the same sub-menu:


The other improvement is minor but still worth mentioning. It has to do with the “watermark” feature located in Preferences. We have made a couple of improvements. First, we have a new watermark style called “Symbol plus Name”, which is exactly what it is. It would show, for example, “GOOGL: Alphabet, Inc.” in the middle of the chart.


We also have added a slider bar that lets you change the opacity (that is, how transparent) the watermark is, no matter what style you are using – – the logo, the symbol, the name, or whatever. If the opacity is all the way to the left, it is pretty much invisible. Here is almost all the way to the left:


And if you drag it all the way to the right, well, the chart can’t even be seen. So obviously most folks will want it to be somewhere in between.


Finally, I wanted to thank everyone heartily for all the feedback I got on our new Alert feature, which is still in development. Ironically, I pushed really hard to get that page into production, and then I took it away this morning. The reason is that we learned everything we needed to learn from the brief test that we did, and we’ll be introducing a much, much better version of Alert down the road.