Men in Tights

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If you’ve been looking at financial news even a little bit, you know what a big deal the small retail traders have become lately. The epicenter of this has been the Robinhood brokerage.

Well, I am pleased to let you know that, starting today, the top 100 Robinhood holdings are now going to be available in a dynamically-updated watch list in SlopeCharts:

All you need to do to access this is to click on the Watch Lists title in SlopeCharts and choose the menu item “Preloaded Watchlists” where you will find this new entry:

If you choose to subscribe to it, it will henceforth appear as a special watch list with your regular watch list panel. The cool part is that we’ll keep it up-to-date regularly.

Silver, Gold, and Diamond members have access to the Pre-Defined Public Watchlists feature……….

In fact, as we’ve been adding features, I’ve been just letting everyone use them, but we’re going to be bringing more and more of these behind the pay wall, such as the volatility matrix, SlopeAlerts, and many others. I’ll continue to encourage those of you who make use of the site to consider becoming a premium member and enjoy a broader array of benefits, as well as my undying gratitude.