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Today is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. The start of summer. Did you ever wonder what that dotted line on the globe labeled Tropic of Cancer was all about? That’s where the sun is directly overhead today. From here on out, during the next six months, each day will get a little shorter and a little darker. My kind of trend.

What is truly chilling, however, is to think about what I might be writing when the Winter Solstice arrives. The election’s results will already be nearly two months old. And it’s hard to imagine what kind of turmoil will be going on by then. After all, if this can cause the whole nation to go into a tizzy right now…………

…….can you imagine what sort of unchecked pandemonium awaits us following November 3rd?

I’ve pledged to not write about politics, or even comment meaningfully on it, until the election is through. I’m sticking with that pledge. This short post has more to do with just how close it’s getting.

I’ve always been interested in elections, but this one feels vastly more consequential than others. Not all of you were around for the Ford/Carter election in 1976, but honestly, no one really cared. Not that much. It’s not like riots broke out when the results came out. Carter fans were pretty happy, Ford fans were kinda bummed, and everyone proceeded with wrapping up the totally lame decade of the 1970s. It just wasn’t a big deal.

This time, however, the losing side – – whichever it may be – – is going to be really…………really…………..really unhappy. And I suspect this reaction isn’t going to be consist of some snarky comments left on political blogs. I think we’re getting a sneak preview of the mayhem right now.

The balance of 2020 is going to be riveting, and probably scary at times. The two staggering uncertainties in front of us – – the election and the “second wave” fears – – are massive on their own, and that doesn’t even take into account all the unknowns. After all, if you polled people for their principal concerns on September 10, 2001, terrorism wouldn’t have even made the top ten. You just never know what’s coming, even if the “known unknowns” are worrisome enough.