Holy Lord, Better Labels

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The Labels featured, introduced very recently, has become a favorite element of the SlopeCharts product. I am pleased to let you know of two more time-saving improvements.

First of all, when you are using the Rapid Labels function, you may find that you want to use a label that doesn’t exist yet. In this case, you would have had to (1) leave Rapid Labels (2) gone into the Labels Editor (3) added the new label (4) left the Labels Editor (5) gone back into Rapid Labels (6) scroll down and find out where you left off (7) add the just-created label.

Pain in the ass, right?

Not anymore. You want a new label? Just type it in! Not only is it created instantly, but it is applied to your current symbol.


The other improvement, which makes Rapid Labels vastly more useful, is that you aren’t required to go through the entire gargantuan list of all your symbols. You are welcome to do so, and it is the default choice, but you can also hone in on a specific watch list whose symbols you would like to focus upon.


I hope you enjoy this terrific new addition to SlopeCharts.