NEW: Rapid Labels

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Although the SlopeCharts Labels feature was introduced only a week ago, we’ve already made a significant improvement.

If you have a large number of ticker symbols upon which you want to apply labels, it can be extremely time consuming. Using the mouse and the menus to apply a label to a ticker from time to time is perfectly good, but if you want to do them “en masse“, it can be extraordinarily tedious. We thus created a faster means to accomplish this: Rapid Labels.

To use this feature, choose this item by right-clicking any ticker symbol:


When you do, SlopeCharts will load into memory however many hundreds of symbols you follow from all of your watch lists and put them into an alphabetically-sorted, scrollable list. That will appear on the left side of the dialog box. On the right side will be all of the labels you have created (for this example, there are just a few custom labels).


All you do at this point is use the Up and Down arrows on your keyboard to move up and down the list of ticker symbols. As you do, the chart will load in the background. To apply any labels to that symbol, just check the checkbox(es) you want, and they will be instantly applied.

In this manner, you can go to a symbol, check some labels, press Down to go to the next symbol, check some labels, and so forth. This is vastly more efficient than the normal method.

Because the usefulness of labels is directly tied to how many labels you have assigned, it is well worth your while to take the time to go through your symbols and label them to your liking. You will only have to do it once, and henceforth you can just “fine tune” your symbols as other labels occur to you or as new symbols are added to your watch lists.