Length PLUS Girth

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Holy Lord. I opened up my very thick ballot and decided to make a quick video of me thumbing through it. Just look at this beast:

It’s time like these that make me think of the phrase, “All Men Are Created Equal.” No, no, a thousand times no! Absolutely not! Just the opposite! I think no two men are alike!

If I had a working magic wand, I’d let the strength of a vote being tied directly to an objective measurement of one’s intelligence, knowledge of the issues and decency. So, let’s say, my 500 vote points would be granted, whereas someone else might get, oh, let’s say, 3. And someone else might have 1,000. And so on.

But, nope, my 1 vote is the same as the vote of a guy with an IQ of 80 who never reads anything and will just tick off the boxes based on his gut reaction to the titles of the propositions. Whereas I might spent hours carefully reading the items requiring decisions (Indeed, if I was a true lunatic, I could easily spend 50 hours boning up on all this stuff, but I’m not that insane).

Honestly, at this point, I’d rather a council of Truly Wise Men figure this crap out instead of the millions of people in the state, most of whom are utter dolts. Honest to God, I’m rather well-read, and these propositions are not clear-cut with respect to what is right and wrong. So the victory is borderline random at this point, since I expect that even my modest efforts will be well into the 99th percentile in terms of how serious of consideration is given, yet most people are going to just wing it and guess.