Share Those Labels!

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I’ve got another product feature to announce! Before I do, I wanted to mention that the Labels feature in SlopeCharts is so extensive, that the documentation page was ridiculously long and cumbersome. I’ve taken the time to reformat it into a much more useful and accessible style, so please take a look.

I am pleased to let you know what we have now given you the ability to share labels with other Slopers. What this means is that if you, for example, tagged 27 different symbols with a particular label, and you Share that label, other users can “subscribe” to that label and examine those 27 hand-picked symbols for themselves.

The ability to Share Labels is very similar to another feature in SlopeCharts, which is to Share Watch Lists. Even though the effect of sharing either of these is identical – — that is, giving others the ability to benefit from your own, and allowing you to benefit from theirs – – there are some subtle differences between sharing watch lists and sharing labels:

  • Sharing watch lists is restricted to Gold and Diamond members; sharing labels is available to all SlopeCharts users (although it should be noted that being able to filter based on labels is a paid-member-only feature)
  • A watch list is a collection of symbols under one name; labels, however, can be applied to symbols scattered among whatever watch lists you want
  • The symbols that inhabit a watch list are, by their nature, associated with that list (such as a watch list of S&P 100 stocks). Labels, on the other hand, are far more flexible, and one ticker symbol could have ten, twenty, or even a hundred labels if you wanted it to. So it’s a very different way of organizing information.

Sharing a label is a cinch: in the Label Editor, just click the Share button for any label you want to share with your fellow Slopers.


After you click share, you can enter an optional description (which you are definitely encouraging to fill out, so that your fellow traders will have some idea what on earth your label is supposed to be about):


After you click Confirm, your shared label will be immediately available on the Shared Lists & Labels page. People can also access it by clicking the “Watch Lists” title in the upper-left portion of SlopeCharts and choosing Subscriptions from the menu.


So please share those labels that you like the most. It’s good for Slope as a whole, and considering how incredibly popular shared watch lists has become, I am looking forward to seeing your label creations! I’m going to be sharing a ton of them myself this weekend.