Faces I Could Do Without

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As we all know, the kinds of ads we see on the web are largely driven by the sites we visit. Since I look at financial sites, I naturally get assaulted with a lot of come-ons and get-rich-quick crap during my browsing. But there are a few faces that are at the top of the list of those I would love to never seen again. Ever.

First off is the squeaky-voiced, pony-tailed, ginger-bearded Ross Cameron of Warrior Trading. Yeah, this guy sure looks like a warrior. I suggest bringing along a white flag, just in case..

Then there’s this chap from Stansberry Research, whom I see constantly, and I mean constantly. “You Have Weeks To Get Out of Cash”, says one ad. “Quiet millionaire gives his prediction for the year.” says another. Look, if I want to get tips on being a pudgy-faced dough-king, I’ll check in with him, but otherwise, I’m fine.

Then, of course, there’s Kyle Dennis, a face I despise so much that I dedicated an entire post to the topic. (More specifically, he and his merry band of Raging Bull pranksters got nabbed by the FTC). Here is the supposed multi-millionaire having a supposed good time with a supposed girlfriend. I contend he looks like the Lord Of All C-Students.

The superset of Kyle, of course, is the aforementioned Raging Bull, which wins the Whitest Company On the Planet competition. The fellow dead in the middle there looks like the kind of snake that would stab you in the back while you sleep. I cannot believe they would offer up this picture to provide confidence and comfort to prospective customers. Jesus, people are stupid.

There’s one and only one face I need in my life, people, and that’s Marty. Embrace him and know all that will be well.