Gap and Go

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Good morning, everyone, and welcome to the last 5-day trading week of the year. Equities basically gapped up on Sunday and never looked back. Here is the /RTY.


The NQ is also up (although, from a percentage perspective, not even half as much as the RTY) and it has a fairly decent barrier of resistance as shown.


The one market that continues to be consistently weak – – ironically, in this era of endless fiat money creation – – is gold, which just keeps slip slidin’ away.


Here is a longer-term view of gold, which has sloshed about 15% lower since August.


I’m afraid the markets, in general, are going to continue to be almost unimaginably dull This is hardly the kind of sentiment meant to encourage you to return here frequently, but if nothing else, I am earnest. This, I suspect, is precisely what a tightly-controlled market feels like. Plodding. Predictable. Placid.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll be able to scare up a chart or three today which is interesting, so I’ll be sure to be back a little later with more content.