The Best of Tyler

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Whenever I think to myself, “I have nothing else to write; I have no content; woe is me!” a shining beam hits my face and I get an idea. This one is no different. and I really like it. Allow me to explain…………

A number of years ago, I got an invitation from the somewhat famous Tyler Durden, who runs ZeroHedge, to contribute articles to their site. I was absolutely delighted, and since then, I’ve posted almost 370 items there.

As regular ZH readers know by now, it seems that on Friday the collective Tylers threw a switch and changed their website. It looks different, it feels different, and – – many years after Slope did the same – – they have introduced a “premium” service. ZH has an audience vastly bigger than Slope, and I wish them well with their launch. They have been nothing but good to me over the years.

As I was surveying their new site, I stumbled upon something which, for me as an author, was a pleasant surprise. I got access to every single post I had ever done and, more importantly, what the view count was on each post. I never had any data of any kind like this before. Only a vague sense, by way of the comment count, how popular some of my posts were. Now I know where all 5.4 million views went, right down to the last decimal place.

For no particular reason, I have published this entire spreadsheet for your perusal. I sorted the entire list by view-count, and it’s quite the ‘long tail”, since the most popular article had almost 114,000 views, whereas the least popular had………….63. Indeed, the top 7 posts accounted for 10% of the entire count, in spite of there being over 450 other posts besides those.


After a glance, it seems to me that the topic of Palo Alto itself seems to capture their attention. Out of 7 posts I’ve done on Palo Alto, 5 of them appear in the top 8% of posts. Anyway, here are the seven most popular posts I’ve ever done over on ZeroHedge:

I actually don’t post my favorite works from Slope over on ZH, because what I consider my best writing is usually too personal or sentimental for me to share with that cage of gorillas. Still, it’s nice to be widely-read, even if it’s just a few posts.