Holy Crap!

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First off, right out the gate, I want to once again encourage all paying members (from Bronze on up) to read this post (and, more importantly, fill out the very quick survey). I can tell you, as someone who has absolutely no life at all, that it’s frustrating for me that people are still in vacation mode (not answering emails, not replying to Telegrams). That’s why MLK holiday bugs me so much. I’m sick of death of “off” time. Let’s get back to WORK. I’d do away with weekends if I could. Anyway. Please read the post. Thank you.

Although I wanted my psychedelic post to be up a bit longer, I must interrupt the broadcast to point out that Bitcoin is continuing to go bananas. I am very glad not to have to hang my head in shame for dissing it. Late in November, I did an important post, Why Crypto is Better, and BTC is up 100% since then (!!!!!!) whereas gold hasn’t done dick.

slopechart BTC

Someone asked me on Twitter for a projection price. I fired up the old Fibonacci projection, thinking it might tell us but, ummm, it’s always been exceeded. Yikes.

slopechart BTC

Some of the alt-coins are getting excited. Dogecoin has roared about 76% in a matter of hours.

slopechart DOGE

Of course, Ripple fans are probably furious. It’s just about the only crypto which is bombing these days, thanks to a massive scandal and SEC lawsuit. Keep in mind, out of hundreds and hundreds of alt-coins, XRP was one of the very biggest, and now it’s a total washout.

slopechart XRP

The whole crypto-craze is getting awfully mainstream. Even on Twitter’s “What’s Happening” panel, crypto has taken two of the five spots.


LATE BREAKING CHART ADDITION: just for the hell of it, I changed the anchor point of Bitcoin to the lowest price on the chart, leaving the other anchor at the December 2017 high. The projection is meshes better with present price levels. Of course, it could keep soaring to $40,000, but let’s see.

slopechart BTC