I Just Don’t Get It

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OK, screw it. Give me a cane, a grey beard, and put me on a front lawn so I can yell at kids. This must be where I’m at in my life. Allow me a brief confused rant:

I stumbled upon an article about the people earning the most from YouTube ads. It turned out the top one was a nine year old kid, who was scoring about $11 million a year. It mentioned his top video ever was the one I’ve placed beneath. It has over two billion views, so I figured it must be absolutely amazing.

Good God, just try to watch the whole thing. I couldn’t even make it past the first minute. It’s just a kid picking up eggs. Jesus H. Christ, people! What the hell? Is watching this dogshit actually a “life”? AIEEEEEEEEEEEEE. TWO BILLION VIEWS!