Roof Flies Off

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Well, my little parking lot missive was a massive hit. I guess certain Slopers don’t know an awesome post when they see one. In any case, time for a comments cleaner, and this graph seems as germane as any:


Vastly more important than this freak show, however, is the wedge I keep talking about. Today is Fed day, after all. Maybe Powell will inch the punch bowl away, because seriously, this market has gone from stupid to absolutely insane.


Oh, and time for a moment of gratitude. Slope has had its own comments system since the beginning. We have built in a number of important but totally unappreciated features. I would mention, however, that a glance over at the (vastly-better resourced) comments section of ZeroHedge should give you some indication of why it’s important to be grateful that we actually take the time to make nonsense like this much harder:


How’d you like to have to hack your way through a comments stream which was 50% spam?