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Irony of ironies, even though I’ve hardly messed with crypto at all, my crypto calls haven’t been at all bad. I first pointed out Bitcoin as a beautiful saucer pattern when it was only $1,000, and more recently, in March 2019, I did a post called Crypto-Bull in which I said, ” as a chartist, I’ve got to say that it looks like a rally is getting ready.“.

In fairness, my typically strident self also said, ” I think the days of $20,000 bitcoin will never been see again”, which quite plainly is not the case, but I did point out BTC, LTC, and ETH as good buys, all of which have done very well.

For what it’s worth, my wild guess at this point is that cryptos have – – for the time being – – peaked. Bitcoin’s ride has been absolutely explosive, and Ethereum’s “tag” of the $1,000 mark is symbolic more than anything else. I am thinking more and more about digital currencies – – particularly central bank issued ones – – these days. But the absolutely zaniness over the past couple of months, I do think, will take a breather.

In the meanwhile, I went through 200 crypto charts for you and plucked out some interesting smaller ones. Yeah, I know, I need a life. Still, I never stop working for you people.

slopechart ADA
slopechart ARDR
slopechart BCH
slopechart BNB
slopechart LTC
slopechart XEM