Comments Tile is Here!

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OK, this you are going to LOVE. We just introduced Tiles yesterday, and we’ve already made two huge improvements.

The first one is that the watch list tile is much more manageable, especially if you have long watch lists like I do. You’ll see what I mean when you try it.

The bigger news is that, as you’ve probably guessed, we have a comments tile now!


The comments section of Slope has always been its most popular highlight. Now you can see the latest comments – which update live, and in real time! – with this tile. Clicking on any given comment will whisk you off to the original comment, in the context of the normal comments stream, in a new tab.


You can also control how many comments are display in this tile with the Edit Tiles button.


The Tiles feature is packed with power, so read about it here, and try the page (which you really should just make your Slope home with a bookmark) by going here.