Introducing NeoNews!

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OK, you Slope Tiles users, this great product just got better.

First, some background……….

It has been a long-running gag that a lot of us, including me, get all their news from Slope. If you hang out here, it’s just a natural by-product of all the chatter going on.

One guy in particular is a veritable fountain of information, and that is beloved five-star Sloper RNeo. Just minutes before I started this post, he shared this:


I glanced at a different screen, and sure enough:


I immediately understood what was going on, because RNEo had already told us!

This fellow is so generous with his news tidbits (I don’t think he sleeps, actually) that I took the step of creating an entirely new tile based on his comments. We call it………..NeoNews.


We’ve also provided a control in the Edit Tiles section which lets you establish just how much of his items you want to see.


I want to again thank RNeo for his service to the group. Keep in mind, any comment he makes will appear in the feed (hey, RNeo, don’t get funny on us!) but experience has shown that almost everything he says he an interesting and useful news item.

So far, I haven’t heard any demands for a SquirrelFeed, but you never know.

Anyway, if you haven’t tried Tiles yet, here’s that link again.