Every Ticket a Winner

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Personally, I find listening to Told Ya Soincredibly tedious and dull. I’m not trying to be that guy. Honest. Please take the following in the following spirit: well-drawn charts are incredible in honest, organic markets. That’s all I’m trying to prove. Not that I’m a great chartist. I’ll leave that judgment up to you.

Having given that preface, let’s begin. May it please the court……..

We begin with a well-received tweet I sent out on May 7th, prior to Elon’s famous SNL host gig. I wrote:


We all know what happened, and even though it was only a couple of weeks ago, it feels like ancient history now. DOGE went on to lose well more than 50% of its value, and it has stay battered ever since.


With my confidence up, on May 12th, I offered a tweet that said, not-so-subtly, in all caps, TODAY IS THE ETHEREUM TOP. It turns out my tweet marked the lifetime high pretty much to the millisecond.


Then on May16 I did a premium post in which I went into some detail about the topping pattern on Bitcoin, and I put an arrow at the point where I believed Bitcoin would fall. Given the fact it would have to fall by five figures to get there, it seemed a preposterous notion, and even sort of backpedaled since I had doubts such drama could possibly transpire.


On May 17, since BTC started slipping as I had predicted, I went into more detail about its possible path.


And, not to put too fine a point on it:


Umm, how shall I put this? My prediction came 100% true, and in the blink of an eye. My target was met with virtually 100.00% accuracy.


Not to be outdone, on May 19th, I offered the idea that the furious bounce in Bitcoin would exhaust itself at about $42,000.


And, on May 20, I augmented my call for a crypto exhaustion by stating that Ethereum wouldn’t get much past its trendline at $3,000, since it now represented resistance.


Below is Ethereum. The red circle denotes when I called THE TOP, and the arrow denotes where I said it would not go past. Uncanny, right?


As for my declaration that BTC wouldn’t get much past $42,000, yeah, that was hit like a brick wall.


And, as the good souls that have paid for a Premium Membership know, I have been quite specific about my price target for Bitcoin, although it’s even more insane than the original $30,000 prediction, and I’m even more nervous that it can’t possibly come true.

But, as I sit here now, I’ve got an absolutely perfect, Oh-My-God string of predictions that have been screamingly correct. I keep thinking I should quit with a perfect score, but I keep giving fate the opportunity to provide me some embarrassment. Let’s hold off on that as long as we can, OK?